Sample Article, or First Post

I realized that with my change in focus I needed to redo my website. At this point, that's all it's ever been. I had a few posts here and there, but not much beyond that. I think I got discouraged when content began to get dated. This time around it's not all about the timely content.

I might post recent content on a regular basis, or infrequently, but the real gem this time is the focus of the site. This time I'm going to attempt to create businesses. Part of it will focus on community, and part will be apparel that people can wear to promote the idea of freedom. I don't think it's anything new, but it will allow me to post content regularly and hopefully build up enough to where I can end up working on promoting freedom as a full time job. 

I think this time the focus is on promoting freedom, where other times the focus was on building a website.